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6th Grade Lesson Plans

Utah State Arts Core for 6th Grade


Title of Lesson Core Subject  Comments
Heat Transfer Science/Dance In a 60-minute class 6th grade students will explore heat transfer by creating movement sequences based on locomotor steps and speed.
Ecosystems - Wolves in Yellowstone

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Science/Dance Through dance, students will learn about the impact the wolves have had on Yellowstone National Park


Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Ratios in Everyday Life Math/Drama Students will be able to write and simplify ratios using the notation of ratio language. They will act out part to part and part to whole ratios.
Literature in Tableau Language Arts/Drama

This lesson plan is a guide to recreating stories using a theatrical convention known as tableau. In this lesson, students will analyze the events, characters and setting of a story as they recreate the story in frozen images.

 Greek City States: Sparta vs Athens Social Studies/Drama

 Students will learn what life was like in the Greek City States of Sparta and Athens.

Finding Characters in Poetry Language Arts/Drama

Students will learn to find characters and emotions in poetry and will learn ways of demonstrating these.

CROW  Language Arts/Drama

 CROW stands for character, relationship, objective, and where. Students will learn to create unique characters and write dialogue that informs their audience about their characters.

Creating a Process Drama Language Arts/ Social Studies/ Drama

This is a “how to” instruction guide for teachers who would like to create their own process drama.

The Art of Storytelling Language Arts/ Drama

Students will be tasked with finding a story, creating a story map, learning the events of the story, practicing the story and retelling the story, using engagement techniques. This lesson plan will take several sessions to complete.

Mesopotamia Process Drama Social Studies/ Drama

Students will participate in a process drama to learn about the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia and how it has contributed to our world today.


Lost Lady Found Language Arts/Music Students will sing an English ballad while accompanying themselves on their ukuleles (eventually). They will analyze the text and infer details about the story. They will also compare the text to Percy Grainger’s instrumental version of the song to see if there are any correlations between the two versions.
Chinese Ribbon Dance

Slide Presentation

Social Studies/Music In a 40 minute class, students will connect to the music of Chinese culture by performing the “Chinese Ribbon Dance” based on instrumentation in the pentatonic scale and movement with ribbons reflecting the mood of the music.


Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Perfect-Portraits Language Arts/Visual Arts Students will write an autobiography and will create a ceramic self portrait based on the work of current artist Kimmy Cantrell. Grades 2-6.
Google Doodles All Core Subjects/Visual Art This works great as a summative assessment, as a writing tool, or just for a fun art project.
Percent Pictures  Math/Visual Arts  Students will learn how to find the percent, fraction, and decimal form of different numbers
that relate to a piece of art they create on a grid.
Color Wheel Portrait Mural Social Studies/Visual Arts Students will learn about the color wheel, how to draw a simple or detailed face (depending on the grade), and then will create a piece of a mural using one or two colors.