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4th Grade Lesson Plans

Utah State Arts Core for 4th Grade


Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
 Fractions in Action


 Math/Dance The students will understand fraction equivalence by visually seeing the various fractions of the students in the class doing different movement and/or shapes. They will also deepen their understanding of fractions by choreographing “fraction dances”.


Utah Counties Lesson Plan

Utah County Maps

Utah County Cards

Social Studies/Dance  Students will learn the names of the Utah Counties through story and dance.
Utah Animals

Utah Animals Visuals

 Science/Dance Students will understand the physical features and habitats of the white tailed jackrabbit, the black tailed jackrabbit, the cougar, the black bear and the beaver. They will demonstrate their understanding of these animals through abstracted movement that they will create while choreographing dances in small groups.


Title of Lesson Core Subject Integration Comments
The Gingerbread Man Goes Utahn

Forest animals and plants

Wetlands animals and plants

Desert animals and plants

Science/Drama The students will learn about animals and plants that are native to Utah by rewriting the Gingerbread Man, focusing on either the wetlands, desert or forests. They will include structures of the plants and animals that make it possible for them to live in their environment. They will teach each other about the animals and plants in their assigned habitats by acting out their plays for the class.
Transcontinental Railroad

Transcontinental Railroad Visuals


Social Studies/Drama Students will learn about the trans continental railroad by developing a soundscape and tableaus based on pictures of the railroad.
Literature in Tableau Language Arts/Drama

This lesson plan is a guide to recreating stories using a theatrical convention known as tableau. In this lesson, students will analyze the events, characters and setting of a story as they recreate the story in frozen images.

Finding Characters in Poetry Language Arts/Drama

Students will learn to find characters and emotions in poetry and will learn ways of demonstrating these.

CROW  Language Arts/Drama

 CROW stands for character, relationship, objective, and where. Students will learn to create unique characters and write dialogue that informs their audience about their characters.

Creating a Process Drama Language Arts/ Social Studies/ Drama

This is a “how to” instruction guide for teachers who would like to create their own process drama.

Sweet Tooth Language Arts/ Drama

This lesson incorporates process drama techniques in order to delve more deeply into the characters of the book “Sweet Tooth”, written by Margie Palatii.

The Art of Storytelling Language Arts/ Drama

Students will be tasked with finding a story, creating a story map, learning the events of the story, practicing the story and retelling the story, using engagement techniques. This lesson plan will take several sessions to complete.


Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Mozart vs Beethoven Language Arts/Music Students will write an opinion paper after listening to and researching Mozart and Beethoven. Their job is to convince the teacher which composer was better.
A My Name is Amy Language Arts/Music 4th grade students will demonstrate their understanding of the use of alliteration, one of the critical vocabulary words. In small groups, they will sing and/or chant their own alliterative phrases to the song “A My Name is Amy” while jump roping.
What Do You Do With the Remainder Math/Music Learning different ways to treat the remainder of a division problem, by putting different ways into a song to memorize them. Try this URL to find the music.


Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Perfect-Portraits Language Arts/Visual Arts Students will write an autobiography and will create a ceramic self portrait based on the work of current artist Kimmy Cantrell. Grades 2-6.
The Gruffalo Language Arts/Visual Arts Students will develop their understanding of adjectives, patterns, and visual arts by listening to a story and using art to make inferences about one of the characters. They will complete a compare and contrast chart that compares their drawing to the pictures in the book. They will also discuss story structure and patterns, alliteration, and rhymes.
Dino Details Science/Language Arts/Visuals Arts Students will map out and create a new dinosaur using clay. Students also describe unique features that their dino has that help it survive.
Anasazi Pottery Social Studies/Visual Art Pottery activity centered on Native American art in the Southwest U.S. Grades 3-4.
Color Wheel Portrait Mural Social Studies/Visual Arts Students will learn about the color wheel, how to draw a simple or detailed face (depending on the grade), and then will create a piece of a mural using one or two colors.