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5th Grade Lesson Plans

Utah State Arts Core for 5th Grade


Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Rap the Bill of Rights Social Studies/Dance A 45-minute lesson where students will focus on the Bill of Rights as they create a Rap Dance.

If water descriptions

If visuals


Students will understand the differences between oceans, lakes, rivers, glaciers, groundwater and polar ice caps by responding to the descriptions of each water type with movement. They will also understand the proportions of each water type on the earth through movement exploration.

Weathering Science/Dance In a 45 minute class students will develop a deeper understanding of weathering vocabulary, rhythm, and dance composition by creating a rhythm and movement patter.
Weathering 2 Science/Dance In a 60-minute class 5th grade students will explore weathering through science experiments and the creation of locomotor steps and shapes.
Simulating Matter Science/Dance A simulation for how the particles act in a solid, liquid, or gas.
Vinegar and Baking Soda Science/Dance Students will recognize a chemical change and use movement to symbolize that change.


Title of Lesson Core Subject Integration Comments
Showdown at Appalachian Farms Science/Drama Students will demonstrate their understanding of erosion and weathering, and what can be done to slow it down by writing and performing the ending to a play.
The Great Depression Social Studies/Drama In two 45 minute sessions, students will experience the prosperity of the 1920s followed by the consequences of the Great Depression.
Transcontinental Railroad

Transcontinental Railroad Visuals


Social Studies/Drama Students will learn about the trans continental railroad by developing a soundscape and tableaus based on pictures of the railroad.
Literature in Tableau Language Arts/Drama

This lesson plan is a guide to recreating stories using a theatrical convention known as tableau. In this lesson, students will analyze the events, characters and setting of a story as they recreate the story in frozen images.

Finding Characters in Poetry Language Arts/Drama

Students will learn to find characters and emotions in poetry and will learn ways of demonstrating these.

CROW  Language Arts/Drama

 CROW stands for character, relationship, objective, and where. Students will learn to create unique characters and write dialogue that informs their audience about their characters.

Creating a Process Drama Language Arts/ Social Studies/ Drama

This is a “how to” instruction guide for teachers who would like to create their own process drama.

The Art of Storytelling Language Arts/ Drama

Students will be tasked with finding a story, creating a story map, learning the events of the story, practicing the story and retelling the story, using engagement techniques. This lesson plan will take several sessions to complete.



Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Musical Fractions Math/Music In a 60 minute lesson, students will analyze music for fractional parts in phrases and create new rhythmic compositions.
Industrial REvolution A-Ric-a-Bamboo Style Social Studies/Music

Students will learn about some of the important contributors to the industrial revolution by creating hand movements for song lyrics to perform for classmates.



Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Perfect-Portraits Language Arts/Visual Arts Students will write an autobiography and will create a ceramic self portrait based on the work of current artist Kimmy Cantrell. Grades 2-6.
Severe Weather Lesson Science/Language Arts/Visual Art Crayon resist art project. The students will be able to describe, in sequential order, the events of a story having to do with severe weather;  write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences, describe how weather and forecasts affect people's lives; recognize the connections of visual arts to all learning.
Cooking with Fractions Math/Science/Visual Art Multiplying and dividing with fractions.
Discussion of physical/chemical reactions.
Creating organic/geometric shapes.
The Great Maze Magnet Race Science/VisualArt Students create and name their own race-course where they pull a paperclip or push a doughnut magnet. in competition with others. [Art standard 2 Objective 2]
Colonial Craftsman Sign Making Social Studies/Visual Art Students create a complementary color schemed sign for a colonial craftsman
Mingling with Monet-Old North Bridge Social Studies/Visual Art Students create their own North Bridge in the style of a Monet.
Political Cartooning Social Studies/Visual Art Students analyze and then create their own political cartoons
Color Wheel Portrait Mural Social Studies/Visual Arts Students will learn about the color wheel, how to draw a simple or detailed face (depending on the grade), and then will create a piece of a mural using one or two colors.