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1st Grade Lesson Plans


Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Elephants Jumping Language Arts/Dance This lesson plan is a great Language Arts plan that works well in Kindergarten and 2nd grade, also.
Math Lesson Plan Math/Dance In a 45-­‐minute class students will practice quick decision making, working together and interacting with each other while practicing math and dancing together.
MoonLessonPlan Science/Dance In a 45-­‐minute class students will explore the phases of the moon and the properties of the moon while exploring locomotor steps.
My Many Colored Days Language Arts/Dance In a 45-­‐minute class students will develop a deeper understanding of their emotions by exploring and creating a dance based on the book My Many Colored Days.
Terrarium Science/Dance In a 45-minute class, K-3rd grade students will explore that plants  need water, sunlight, soil and air to grow by performing a dance based on locomotor and axial movement
Living & Non Living Science/Dance In a 45-minute class, K – 3rd grade students will explore the concept of living, non-living, once lived, and never lived things by exploring popular dance steps.



Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Animal Life Cycles Science/Drama The students will learn that all animals have a life cycle by practicing and performing puppet shows for each other. The warm-up activity will put the students into groups. Each group will be given a script of an animal life cycle. The students will practice reading through their script together and then perform them for each other.
Can Non-Living Thngs Move - K Science/Drama Students will differentiate between living and non-living things and demonstrate the way they can move.
Seasons and Weather - K-2 Science/Drama Students will learn about the need for different types of weather and associate they types of weather that occur in each season.


Title of Lesson Core Subject Comments
Winter Wildlife Art Life Science/Visual Art Multiple Sessions
Winter Wildlife Art: making the teacher example Life Science/Visual Art I made several different animals. I made sets of simple templates for each animal so the students could use them. Children will only make one animal.
Color Wheel Portrait Mural Social Studies/K-2 Content Core/Visual Art Students will learn about the color wheel, how to draw a simple or detailed face (depending on the grade), and then will create a piece of a mural using one or two colors.